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house cake

I love it when my clients get creative 🙂 My regular client from US ordered this cake for her father who turned 60 this Thursday. I think this is a lifelong dream of her father because she was clear that she wants a house cake with a driveway and a car in it. The patio, the railings and the lawn table are my own additions. The fencing is non edible. The roof and the door are modeling chocolate. The doorway of the house cake is made with veg gumpaste. The table and railings are eggless royal icing. The table broke when I put the fence!Read More →

Untitled design

Rakhi and Aishwarya came for my wedding cake workshop from Kharghar and Pune respectively. Amidst a lot of fun and laughter we created these two gorgeous cakes, with hexagon tier, square tier, geode topper, irregular chevron…   The cakes are all cake, no dummies have been used anywhere. They are all cake with whipped cream filling in the top and bottom most tiers, and chocolate truffle tall cake in the middle.   The flowers are all made with edible wafer paper, the buds are with gumpaste. The lace is handmade too, made using my homemade lace recipe, and dusted with gold.   The internal structureRead More →


It is a proud moment for us as we get featured in the vintage and couture issue of Sugar Magazine, the first cake decoration magazine in India. When I began making custom cakes, three years ago in Thane, I hadn’t known that I would one day be featured in any magazine. Without formal training and education, I have been able to get here only on the basis of hard work and never ending support from my family members. I was given an inspiration image based on which I was to create the cake. I hope I did justice. The base tier has individually hand cutRead More →

Shri Ganesh 3

A note before you read the rest of the post: This Ecofriendly Chocolate Ganesha idol is made out of Chocolate. It is NOT made from cake and WILL NNOT BE CUT. He will be immersed in milk after 1 and 1/2 days and that milk will be distributed among poor and homeless people. That according to us is better “Seva” of the Lord. My friend Archana Mascarenhas of Design My Cake recently called me to refer her client to me. He wanted to have an eco-friendly Chocolate Ganesha this year, and had approached her. Thank you so much Archana because I had so much funRead More →

ritu 1

What an amazing three days we had of fun, work, laughter, learning and execution of the most amazingly beautiful and contemporary styled wedding cakes! Each cake different from the other, and yet elegant and gorgeous on its own, I felt proud as I had not one, but three gorgeous cakes on my birthday yesterday! Congratulations to the three talented women and wish you all the success in future!      Read More →

sweet summer 4

  Presenting my work Bernice. She’s a sassy and quite chic old lady who knows how to have some serious fun. In a country like India, where you are judged by your clothes, this to me is a refreshing change I hope to one day see. Because in my heart I believe, that nobody, absolutely nobody should be judged on the basis of gender, age and weight. Everyone should have the right to be. The piece is made entirely out of RKT, and covered partly with modeling chocolate and partly with fondant. I have recently begun using modeling chocolate and I am seriously in loveRead More →

As a working mother, especially one working from home, you sort of have blurred deadlines. Everything coincides with everything. You are baking on one hand, and making three lunchboxes on the other hand (yep, two for the older kid, and one for the younger kid) Throw into that, your domestic chores which should not get sidelined lest you home looks like it was struck by a tornado (although that is almost always the look my home has) Then there are those times when you have a sick kid to tend to. Poor kid needs you, and you have to divide time between giving her theRead More →


Shifting is not easy, trust me. Today we completed 1 week in our new house, and although the house doesn’t look like a refugee camp anymore, it still needs a lot of work before we can call ourselves settled. The kids have found new friends, and that makes me happy. What makes me happy also, is that I have a separate room for my cake-y stuff here! Do you know how amazing that feels? Yes, it still needs work, and it still needs to be properly organised, but we are getting there. What makes me happiest, is working on cakes once again. And thus presentingRead More →

miss india cake 10

FINALLY SHE’S HERE!! I have been waiting real long to share her with you guys! Couple of weeks ago, Chef Shantanu Gupte and his wife and cake artist Nikita Gupte approached me to do a cake in collaboration with them. This was to be made for a prestigious event in Mumbai. However, it wasn’t just a cake. It was a SIX AND HALF FOOT DOLL CAKE!!! What’s more, we had but three days to execute this order. Three days of planning, execution, planning, execution, planning and execution… we all went crazy! Shrikant Kekre, is the genius behind the structure as usual! Without his structure, sheRead More →


There are some things that are etched firmly in your memory. Like this flower for instance. There was a huge Parijat tree where my Aaji lived. During summer vacations whenever and if ever I went to her house, I’d get bored because I was the only girl of five siblings. My Aaji (grandmother), to counter the boredom, would often send me down to the Parijat tree every morning to pick flowers that were lying down on the ground. I would bring them up in a cute wicker basket and then she would hand me a thread and a needle. She showed me how yo makeRead More →