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Welcome to the Li’l White Oven, your one stop blog for all baking recipes, resources, tips and tricks, and also a place where you can order customized cakes for your loved ones.

Li’l White Oven is not just a business name. Hardly. It is the story of how one tiny little white colored oven changed a person’s life, quite literally.

From being there patiently, to allowing me to learn from my mistakes, my li’l white oven was my first baking teacher.

Every cake has a story. From the rustic home baked cake, to the elegant multi-tiered wedding cake. Behind every cake goes unseen, the feelings, passions, dreams, of the person ordering it. Behind every cake is the desired smile of a special someone. Behind every cake is the gleeful happiness of a child.

At Li’l White Oven, you will find the “why” of every cake.

From birthday cakes to cartoon cakes, engagement cakes to wedding cakes, baby shower cakes to christening cakes, and also cakes for anniversaries, we will give you the perfect cake to make your occasion memorable.

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We would love to create your dream cake from whatever you have thought about. You can choose from the other cake designs as you may find them in our cake gallery, or you can just refer us to any other design that you fancy. However, we encourage you to not ask for the exact copy of someone else’s cake design, but instead make it unique by using your own inspirations and ideas.

Keep in mind also, that we bake at home, and that every cake is made from scratch with utmost attention to detail, and an eye for perfection.

However, we currently only deliver in Thane, Kalwa and Mulund areas. If you stay outside Mulund, you may have to personally pick up your cake.

You can order a special cake with us for yourself or your loved one. The contact details are in the CONTACT section of the site.

You can know what to expect from out cakes in the FAQ section of the site.

The variety of cakes and flavors are available in the FLAVORS OF LWO section.

For my readers, there are contests and giveaways that you can be a part of.

You can find out my tried and tested methods in the TIPS N TRICKS section of the post.

You can also get a copy of my free ebook “Bake Like A Pro, Even Without An Oven” upon subscribing to Li’l White Oven.

I hope LWO can be the harbinger of joy in your life, just as it was in mine.

About me


Hi y’all.

My name is Gauri and I am the baker and blogger behind Li’l White Oven. I live in Thane with my two precocious little girls, and a super-supportive husband. Oh, and by the way, I am a dentist by education.

My baking journey began four years ago, with my first ever food blog. Trials and errors ensued, but my one and only good habit of never giving up, led me to find easy workable recipes for baking.

I realized that I had a passion for making custom cakes when my older daughter once asked me to bake a doll cake for her. From then onwards, there was just no looking back. I took the hard decision of leaving my profession to become a full-time home baker, and I have never once looked back.

I hope you will find my dedication, sincerity and hard work in the cakes I bake.

With this site, I hope that I am also able to pass on the knowledge I received as a newbie baker.

I hope that you, like me, will also find fuel for your passion to bake, right here.

With me.

Yours always,