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Advanced Wedding Cake Workshop at Thane

Rakhi and Aishwarya came for my wedding cake workshop from Kharghar and Pune respectively. Amidst a lot of fun and laughter we created these two gorgeous cakes, with hexagon tier, square tier, geode topper, irregular chevron…


The cakes are all cake, no dummies have been used anywhere. They are all cake with whipped cream filling in the top and bottom most tiers, and chocolate truffle tall cake in the middle.


The flowers are all made with edible wafer paper, the buds are with gumpaste. The lace is handmade too, made using my homemade lace recipe, and dusted with gold.


The internal structure is also extremely sturdy, the cake went all the way to Kharghar and Pune without so much as a dent in it.

Day 1 begins with understanding of how a wedding cake is designed, structured, and priced. A lot goes into the making of a wedding cake. We also make wafer paper flowers on day 1.

Day 2 sees the actual frosting and ganaching of the wedding cakes. They are then covered with fondant and left to chill in the refrigerator overnight.

The last day includes all the detailed designing of the elements, and finally putting it all together as one cohesuve beautiful unit.


Advanced wedding cake workshop
wedding cake workshop- Thane

the color combinations of hot pink, red… gold!

Absolutely everything looks spectacular, don’t you think?


Advanced wedding cake workshop
Wedding cake workshop – Thane


To know more regarding ADVANCED CAKE DECORATING WORKSHOPS AT THANE, do reach out to me at lilwhiteoven@gmail.com, or call me on 9322213782.

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