An Evening in Paris


The French Connection!

It’s all about the beauty, the romance, the dreaminess of being in Paris. (Although for me it is pretty much imagined, for never actually having been there.) I got to live a little bit of the romance, the pastels, the soft violins in the background as I made this cake for Tiara’s 14th birthday!

It wasn’t so much just about the cake, I was zapped when I reached her home to deliver the cake. Her whole house was done up in Parisian style! Everything looked so amazing! framed images of Eiffel tower adorned the wall. Tea lights and rice lights! A perfect table set up with bread rolls, tarts and croquettes and customized Eiffel tower chocolates!

I so wish you could plan my birthday Vinita! You are simply the best!

Coming back to the cake, it was Tiramisu flavored (only the flavor was Italian)

The cake mimicked a typical Parisian street, with patisseries and designer stores. On top, a beautiful young lady with a backdrop of the Eiffel tower made in royal icing. (That one literally broke thrice, the 3d version. the final 2d version made it till the venue thank God!)

Till the next cake Au Revoir!!

Je T’aime!!

(That’s where my French connection ends *cough cough* )

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