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Angie – The six and half foot doll cake!


I have been waiting real long to share her with you guys! Couple of weeks ago, Chef Shantanu Gupte and his wife and cake artist Nikita Gupte approached me to do a cake in collaboration with them. This was to be made for a prestigious event in Mumbai.

However, it wasn’t just a cake. It was a SIX AND HALF FOOT DOLL CAKE!!!

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What’s more, we had but three days to execute this order. Three days of planning, execution, planning, execution, planning and execution… we all went crazy!

Shrikant Kekre, is the genius behind the structure as usual! Without his structure, she would have never made it across the 40 kilometer distance to the venue. Kudos Shrikant! You seriously are the best!

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The top half is made in rice crispies and modeling chocolate, by yours truly 🙂 The face was a humongous challenge. Having worked only with miniature figurines before, handling something at this level pushed me and my limits to the extremes. But we love a good challenge, don’t we!

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The second day was fraught with anxiety, as we all struggled to complete each of our tasks. By the end of the day, I was ready to go into hibernation.

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Nikita had the huge task of stacking the cakes, carving and ganaching them. Then to cover that skirt with fondant. Uff!! By the end of the last day, even she was ready to go into hibernation.

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In the meanwhile, I managed to miss my younger girl’s Annual day celebration 🙁  Managed to miss Gudi Padwa pooja at my home, and even when we had guests at home for three days, I was away on all three days. Infact, I even had my brother-in-law accompany us with the cake to the venue.

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Special thanks to the entire team of Chef Shan’s Cakes… they were simply outstanding. And at the venue, Abhijit. This young man did everything from carry all the equipment and stuff from the car to the venue and back… to rolling the fondant, to mixing the silver sheen, to just about everything!

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She went in two parts to the venue, where she was finally assembled and finishing touches given. Except for the internal structure, she is all edible. The dress is made with fondant, the flowers in gumpaste.

Do share if you like her 🙂

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