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Book Cake for Shaunak

When Shaunak came to me with his mother, he was so excited! He had every detail of this cake in his mind. I can say that this little artist was brimming with ideas and they were literally pouring forth!

I have never met a little boy as imaginative as Shaunak. His mother had, on call, informed me that he loves craft, and that the cake would cover that aspect of his life. I began researching for craft based cakes and what came to mind was only round cakes with little craft things.

Once they came for the consultation though, it was a different ball game altogether! Here was a boy who not only loved craft (recycling from waste) but he loved painting and music and reading, and oh my God, I was breathless! I am only sorry that I could not contain all his ideas on a single cake.

However, if this cake turned out to be a good, it was all him!

book cake 2

The three of us (Shaunak, his mom and I) decided that a book cake would be the best, with a few of his art and craft things lying around and a poetry describing his love for the same on each page of the open book. I took my time writing the poetry, because I needed it to be descriptive about his imagination, yet be cute and innocent just like him. I hope I did justice.

Everything on that cake is edible. The book cake was also divided into two halves, so one side had a strawberry compote with whipped cream and the other side was butterscotch with whipped cream, both his favorites.

book cake 1 Shaunak

I didn’t think much about the things I had made for the cake, but my husband was the first one to comment that the tube of glue looked very real. My daughter was next in line asking me why I had kept a tube of glue on the cake. Thank God, for nothing but perfection would be needed for the little genius’ cake.

book cake 3

But the most I had fun, was while making the figurine of Shaunak lying and dreaming on the book. At first, I got the figurine all wrong. It looked more like a man than a little boy. Secondly I couldn’t get the legs to look right.

Finally, out of desperation, I scrapped the whole thing. I decided to start from scratch again. This time, I asked my husband to lie down in the same pose and clicked pictures of him from every angle. Incidentally, he was wearing the same shorts in white color when I clicked his pictures. That is what helped me to get the pose of this figurine just right.

Cake husbands, aren’t they the sweetest? I know my cake husband definitely is!

Do let me know what do you think of this cake. I’ll be waiting for your feedback.

Happy Sunday y’all!

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  1. Like I said earlier – this is absolutely amazing. I didn’t even think cakes could look like this.

    1. Thanks Tulika, I didn’t think so either, it was only a year and a half ago that I stumbled upon these cakes and I had that “Eureka” moment ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. U r my idol when it comes to baking !
    U rock gauri. U r awesome… That boy on the cake- how precisely done ๐Ÿ™‚ (y)

  3. and yes u clicking pics of hubby and making it proves that u wanted it perfect. I would never be able to cut this cake ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

  4. That’s amazing! I was in awe of you when I saw the colourful modaks. And now with this cake, I must say I worship you as the Goddess of Baking. ๐Ÿ™‚ <3

  5. You seem to be such a sweet lady.. U have taken so much time to get the perfect touch .. Hope I can meet you someday to get a taste of your perfection!

    And btw, this is the BEST cake I have ever seen

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