Cake for a football fan

As a working mother, especially one working from home, you sort of have blurred deadlines. Everything coincides with everything. You are baking on one hand, and making three lunchboxes on the other hand (yep, two for the older kid, and one for the younger kid)

Throw into that, your domestic chores which should not get sidelined lest you home looks like it was struck by a tornado (although that is almost always the look my home has)

Then there are those times when you have a sick kid to tend to. Poor kid needs you, and you have to divide time between giving her the medicines, cleaning up after her and then working on your cake in between.

football scientist

Not an easy scenario, but someone tell that to my neighbour who always sends her grandchild to my house to play, because her daughter works and I am a stay-at-home mom. I couldn’t possibly be working that much or getting tired that much.

Making a cake during such times is very very hard to say the very least, and if I didn’t love doing what I do, it would have been impossible. This cake was made during one such time, when my daughter was sick with stomach flu, and kept throwing up every few hours.

But when your client sends you a message saying “everyone loved the cake, it was really amazing” it is all worth it in the end ­čÖé

Made for a boy who turned 15, who loves football, studying (especially science) and playing games on his mobile. The top is created to look like a pie-chart. Dark chocolate cake with coffee cream filling.

football scientist 2

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