Shifting is not easy, trust me. Today we completed 1 week in our new house, and although the house doesn’t look like a refugee camp anymore, it still needs a lot of work before we can call ourselves settled. The kids have found new friends, and that makes me happy. What makes me happy also, is that I have a separate room for my cake-y stuff here! Do you know how amazing that feels? Yes, it still needs work, and it still needs to be properly organised, but we are getting there. What makes me happiest, is working on cakes once again. And thus presentingRead More →

gunjar 2

Turning 40! Another milestone cake. Client called me up to make a custom cake for her husband who was turning 40. Amongst the other things she told me that had to be there on the cake, was a figurine of him, and her two sons sitting on their lounge sofa, watching television.   The bottle of scotch was in modeling chocolate and so were the pieces of chicken on one side of the cake. The number plates of their previous and present cars and the iphone are in fondant. The Zee logo is a sugar print, and hand cut. The taglines are handpainted. This wasRead More →


The French Connection! It’s all about the beauty, the romance, the dreaminess of being in Paris. (Although for me it is pretty much imagined, for never actually having been there.) I got to live a little bit of the romance, the pastels, the soft violins in the background as I made this cake for Tiara’s 14th birthday! It wasn’t so much just about the cake, I was zapped when I reached her home to deliver the cake. Her whole house was done up in Parisian style! Everything looked so amazing! framed images of Eiffel tower adorned the wall. Tea lights and rice lights! A perfectRead More →

book cake 3

When Shaunak came to me with his mother, he was so excited! He had every detail of this cake in his mind. I can say that this little artist was brimming with ideas and they were literally pouring forth! I have never met a little boy as imaginative as Shaunak. His mother had, on call, informed me that he loves craft, and that the cake would cover that aspect of his life. I began researching for craft based cakes and what came to mind was only round cakes with little craft things. Once they came for the consultation though, it was a different ball gameRead More →

  Crizanne was turning one, and her parents called me with a requirement for a cake that was about two kgs, and had Angels blessing their little girl on the cake. They were smitten by a cake by an amazing baker from Hyderabad, Poonam from Zoey’s bakehouse. I sent her a message asking for permission to recreate some parts of her really awesome cake, and this is what I was able to achieve. Cute little Crizanne is sitting in front on the cake, in a lovely blue halter neck dress with a pink bow at the back. Three angels are standing around her showering blessingsRead More →