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FINALLY SHE’S HERE!! I have been waiting real long to share her with you guys! Couple of weeks ago, Chef Shantanu Gupte and his wife and cake artist Nikita Gupte approached me to do a cake in collaboration with them. This was to be made for a prestigious event in Mumbai. However, it wasn’t just a cake. It was a SIX AND HALF FOOT DOLL CAKE!!! What’s more, we had but three days to execute this order. Three days of planning, execution, planning, execution, planning and execution… we all went crazy! Shrikant Kekre, is the genius behind the structure as usual! Without his structure, sheRead More →


There are some things that are etched firmly in your memory. Like this flower for instance. There was a huge Parijat tree where my Aaji lived. During summer vacations whenever and if ever I went to her house, I’d get bored because I was the only girl of five siblings. My Aaji (grandmother), to counter the boredom, would often send me down to the Parijat tree every morning to pick flowers that were lying down on the ground. I would bring them up in a cute wicker basket and then she would hand me a thread and a needle. She showed me how yo makeRead More →

Education is the most powerful weaponwhich you can use to change the world. (2)

Goa beckons, and we are highly excited about it! Come June and we are having two workshops lined up in the beautiful Goan city of Margao.   June 1st to 3rd: Fondant figures workshop, June 4th: Topsy turvy cake demo workshop So my dear Goan friends, what are you waiting for? Say AYE if you are keen on attending my workshops, and do buzz me on my phone number to register or for more details. Goa, here I come!!!Read More →


One of the best things that happens to you, is getting acknowledged for the work you do. Here’s a snippet from a feature on me on Money View. “You won’t make much money when you grow up, you will depend on your husband’s income.” These wise words came from a one-book palmist that was my older brother, all of 18 years old, and the 13 year old that I was, believed him. Strangely enough, I believed him for a long time. Till the day came, when I grew up, and no longer believed that story.   To read the full story, click here.Read More →