sweet summer 4

  Presenting my work Bernice. She’s a sassy and quite chic old lady who knows how to have some serious fun. In a country like India, where you are judged by your clothes, this to me is a refreshing change I hope to one day see. Because in my heart I believe, that nobody, absolutely nobody should be judged on the basis of gender, age and weight. Everyone should have the right to be. The piece is made entirely out of RKT, and covered partly with modeling chocolate and partly with fondant. I have recently begun using modeling chocolate and I am seriously in loveRead More →

miss india cake 10

FINALLY SHE’S HERE!! I have been waiting real long to share her with you guys! Couple of weeks ago, Chef Shantanu Gupte and his wife and cake artist Nikita Gupte approached me to do a cake in collaboration with them. This was to be made for a prestigious event in Mumbai. However, it wasn’t just a cake. It was a SIX AND HALF FOOT DOLL CAKE!!! What’s more, we had but three days to execute this order. Three days of planning, execution, planning, execution, planning and execution… we all went crazy! Shrikant Kekre, is the genius behind the structure as usual! Without his structure, sheRead More →