doraemon and nobita

This one has been adapted from Veena Azmanov’s recipe. Having tried her recipe a few times before, I did run into some major issues with adaptability of the fondant, and rolling it thin. One other major issue was the smell of gelatin despite using clear vanilla essence. These two things I have managed to iron out in my current recipe. It omits the meringue powder since it is not easily available here and neither are pasteurised eggs available here in India. The only issue I had with this fondant is that you can roll it extremely thin, which makes it kind of translucent. I wishRead More →

minion cookies

This was my first time at decorated cookies, and I had so much fun making them! You can see that the finish is not very good, because I didn’t know what to expect, and it takes time to learn these things. But trust me when I say this, that decorated cookies are devoured faster than regular cookies. Even when they are whole wheat cookies like these were. Here’s how you can make your own healthy (somewhat) decorated cookies. For the cookies: 3 cups whole wheat flour 1 cup refined plain flour (maida) 1 cup sugar 200 g butter (one small pack of Amul) half aRead More →

donuts with logo

My daughter loves donuts, and it was slightly intimidating when she asked me to make a donut for her lunch box. It is most certainly not something you are able to create in the span of an hour or two. It needs prep time, and proving time. But when you have finally made it, and you see your kid’s lunchbox completely empty when they come back home from school, all the effort is worth it. Just to give you an idea, you need about 15 minutes to get the dough ready, an hour and a half for the first proving, 15 minutes for cutting theRead More →