Classique – New Cake Design

Shifting is not easy, trust me. Today we completed 1 week in our new house, and although the house doesn’t look like a refugee camp anymore, it still needs a lot of work before we can call ourselves settled.

The kids have found new friends, and that makes me happy. What makes me happy also, is that I have a separate room for my cake-y stuff here! Do you know how amazing that feels? Yes, it still needs work, and it still needs to be properly organised, but we are getting there.

What makes me happiest, is working on cakes once again. And thus presenting my first cake in my new home.

It was ordered by my cousin for my nephew’s 21st birthday. I remember this nephew being born. I remember his naming ceremony. I remember going to their house when he was little and he’d make up all sorts of stories to prevent us from going back home. I remember his first birthday party at Uran, where I had met a Retired Colonel who quite literally changed the way I saw things. I have forgotten the colonel’s face, but I remember the way I felt when he spoke. Some people leave indelible impressions on your mind.


When my sister called up, around 28th April, I knew it must be for a cake for my nephew, because yes, I do remember his birthday. What I didn’t realise, is that it’s for his 21st birthday! Man, do I feel old now!

He is a simple person, and loved mostly my simplistic and clean designs. So this one I designed for him

A black cake, with hand piped royal icing bead embroidery work (a recently acquired skill) and once again an Ikebana arrangement of Cherry blossoms. Those who know me, will know of my love for cherry blossoms. I was sure they would look elegant on the cake, and I think I was right.

He loved the cake smile emoticon And that makes me happy too!

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