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Ecofriendly Chocolate Ganesha in Thane Mumbai

A note before you read the rest of the post: This Ecofriendly Chocolate Ganesha idol is made out of Chocolate. It is NOT made from cake and WILL NNOT BE CUT.
He will be immersed in milk after 1 and 1/2 days and that milk will be distributed among poor and homeless people. That according to us is better “Seva” of the Lord.

Ecofriendly Chocolate Ganesha

My friend Archana Mascarenhas of Design My Cake recently called me to refer her client to me. He wanted to have an eco-friendly Chocolate Ganesha this year, and had approached her. Thank you so much Archana because I had so much fun making Him it was almost meditative for me!

Lord Ganesha, the harbinger of all things good and positive and the destroyer of evil. However in recent times Ganesh Chaturthi has become more of a show of power than a festival where people come together for the greater good of all concerned. Some of the practices that I have seen going on in and around my locality as well as in general are quite distressing to say the least. More so, when loudspeakers blare songs that have nothing to do with Ganesh bhakti and more to do with disco and dancing.

I digress.

Ecofriendly Chocolate Ganesha

I have been making eco friendly Ganesha for the past two years now, but never had the guts to make an ecofriendly chocolate Ganesha. However it had been at the back of my mind ever since I saw Rintu Kalyani Rathod‘s amazing chocolate Ganesha and her drive to go eco friendly. Salute to the work you are doing Rintu and I hope I am contributing a little in whatever way I can.

Ecofriendly Chocolate Ganesha

This year when I finally got the order to make an ecofriendly chocolate Ganesha it was as though it was pre-ordained that I would make it. The Ganesha idol was 1 and 1/2 feet tall and about 5 kgs of chocolate went into his making. For those of you who wondered where I used my Rolkem Gold, it was used here.

I grew so attached to Him, that I gave Him to the client with a very heavy heart. Some things just change you and touch you to the core.

Ecofriendly Chocolate Ganesha

Happy Ganesh Chaturthi everybody. May the Lord bring happiness, peace, health and prosperity into your life.

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