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House Cake – Custom Cake in Thane

I love it when my clients get creative 🙂 My regular client from US ordered this cake for her father who turned 60 this Thursday. I think this is a lifelong dream of her father because she was clear that she wants a house cake with a driveway and a car in it. The patio, the railings and the lawn table are my own additions. The fencing is non edible. The roof and the door are modeling chocolate. The doorway of the house cake is made with veg gumpaste.

House Cake @ Li’l White Oven Thane

The table and railings are eggless royal icing. The table broke when I put the fence! Thank God that the one who taught me royal icing, Prachi Dhabal Deb, says to always make extras to prevent a heart attack and that’s what I did 😀 I had enough extras to make four tables LOL

House cake – @ LI’l White Oven Thane

The entire planning and execution of this house cake took about 3 days, but it was so worth it!

The first day began with making the templates for the cake depending upon the design that I had chosen. The next step was making the gumpaste doorway. I let it sit on a flat surface to dry for 2 full days before using it.

I also made the eggless royal icing on the first day itself and piped the designs so as to let them dry over a couple of days before they can be used. Royal icing can be notoriously fragile, so it is always best to make extras just in case.

The second day began with baking the chocolate cake and making the ganache. The cake was then stacked and carved using the template as a guideline. This step ensured that the doorway I had made in the first step fit exactly the way I wanted it to.

The cake was covered with panel method to avoid the fondant tearing. The roof was made with dark and red modeling chocolates mixed together. The table of course, broke when assembling, but then I had the extras that I needed.

Once it was made, it traveled all the way to Vashi and still reached in an absolutely intact state 🙂

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