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Turning 40!

Turning 40! Another milestone cake.

Client called me up to make a custom cake for her husband who was turning 40. Amongst the other things she told me that had to be there on the cake, was a figurine of him, and her two sons sitting on their lounge sofa, watching television.



The bottle of scotch was in modeling chocolate and so were the pieces of chicken on one side of the cake. The number plates of their previous and present cars and the iphone are in fondant.

The Zee logo is a sugar print, and hand cut. The taglines are handpainted. This was made because her husband works for Zee.

The lounge sofa is a carved cake covered with fondant.

The flavors were red velvet, pinacolada and dutch truffle.

I love how the second pic looks like a family snapshot

gunjar 2


  1. Hi, coming here after long. A yummy cake and love how the picture perfect family has been designed. Super creative:)

    1. Author

      thanks Vishal ­čÖé How have you been?

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